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May 2, 2014 9:00am PDT
were not clearly identify nuclear experts from the us in the uk are in japan to advise tesco executives in interview with nhk world they emphasize the company needs to improve communication and an international support network to help the commission. the plant in a secure a future of the reports. when a reporter calls me enhance information of the tesco should of told us. as a member of the committee. that's the slow part that isn't acceptable. probably once former u s nuclear regulatory commission chairman dale klein is to become a member of the tokyo electric power company. his remarks are in the company into waco one of the world's worst nuclear accident. flying visited tokyo. the device to present his promo put pressure on prospective coming on. she died. porter's house to facing its resume problems company officials have been criticized for taking too long to respond to them maybe a few more loopholes into one of the buildings in april he announced the accident. two days after workers on the chart. i'd say speed communication is still an issue. flying is demanding to cha
May 15, 2014 1:00am EDT
job. >> coming up. guest knows you can. she was behind the original tesco club card program. we will have more on the business of understanding and keeping customers coming up on "countdown." ♪ >> dixons has agreed to merge carphone warehouse. cisco shares are rising after hours. the tech giant gave a forecast of fourth quarter estimates that topped estimates. they're seeking to restore growth and prepare the company to meet new challenges. and europe's semi-conductor maker said it is extending an agreement with samsung. it will include a type of production meant to enable more low-power chips. samsung is expanding in the chip market. welcome back to the program. you're watching "countdown." festival kicks off. early reviews have slammed noted. joining the course of criticism, the monaco royal family called the film totally fictional. here is nicole kidman's reaction. >> obviously i feel sad because film has no the malice toward the family or two words, particularly toward grace. i want them to know that the performance was done with love. our next guest is in the business of keepi
May 30, 2014 1:00am EDT
on a stock prices. they're down seven percent. there've outperformed tesco and william morrison. is it the best place out of those? >> i think if you look at what is happened with the sector, tesco has been getting in a pricing war with leto and all aldi. the likes of tesco are cutting there's down to try to compete with price. furthermore, i think they're focusing on a better quality brand, which means the kinds of customers that they will be getting in the doors are more loyal. to brand, you'd rather pay for quality and premium. others allow them to maintain market share. they have a healthy market share. it is a bit of a recovery play. it is a defensive lay if the risk -- >> the retailers and builders. >> you have to have aced strategy on europe. this is all about europe bouncing back from the doldrums. thinkd are easing, sigh growth in the u.s. is about three percent, which is what the what the economists are projecting. that is all priced into the market. if the ecb, next week with some qem of signal, whether it is , the fact is they are now going to start targeting the underly
May 2, 2014 5:00am PDT
tax rates will vary depending on the nar released into police. if it is less than two tesco and he just talks to people before hingis penny ten. that is to undeserving of the month the right spot. of all the kids just let me just as high at about seven has been eaten. while the days of the special tax will be exempt from acts that would spell it right ukrainian due to the innovation of the government of the regent plaza to receive sixteen unions mobiles of income according to research it was in summer about ten thousand playing is perceived to race into apartments and houses the international monetary fund who decided it wanted to loan to ukraine in washington d c by matthew boyd and ominous. consider the assistance package within the deal cooperation program in case of it was a decision the cabinet of ministers of ukraine expects six ten billion dollars during two years the best chance of a million. i received in maine elliott team and imf agreed upon alone in white's opted to miss an ancestor that the state of ukrainian economy. people turn to nine's new dog the procession of the
May 2, 2014 6:00pm PDT
to irish graduates. geraldine high tea or tea news corps while tesco was announced it will increase its workforce by a further two hundred and fifty this year sixty five you tell the truth the promising damage here in south dublin with forty five of the new employees recruited locally from the live register. exchequer returns for april showed tax revenues are two percent higher than forecast for the first four months of the year. however the imf has told government should stick to its current adjustment of two billion euro in expletives. morningstar economics correspondent children enjoyed the not so this means no hope of tax cuts than shown in the next purchase but doesn't seem like the imf are suggesting tucked inside me there saying stick to two billion adjustment is needed it's necessary to lock in gains being made and to set up the economy for further growth in the future is saying things are growing and things are going pretty well here but no time for striking facts as far as the concert also where are you going to or how we'll pay for the tax cuts either duty to make deeper
May 22, 2014 4:00am PDT
leather to public comment. and we will query to realize. tesco if the check out the blob's nobody is condoning-allegedly the disco full board. they say she was right to thanks a lot will was of rodent droppings. a story you'll see it only on kron4. mice and rats have reported at three locations. kron4's j.r. stone has been investigating all of these cases has the latest round now. the >>: this is more than just a picture of a play to a flip- flops'. look closely and you'll see rodent species. the picture taken by an inspector with the san francisco department of health. and one of several disturbing images taken at this san francisco walgreen's located at van ness and eddy. the inspectorate soaked with of the bill before the store was forced to shut down on friday. " this eye you concede chocolates and right under these chocolates feces theory does sitting there. the season and next to it. men take a look at how close the feces is. " this is a close-up shot of a boat with the russians have made their rounds because and then shot feces rainier flavored water. this report walgreen's lo
May 29, 2014 3:00am EDT
. tesco signing off on their joint venture in china. that was seen as good news for china resources. tate & lyle missed. the conversation that martin will brought out in the equities talking about the need for baby steps, as we look at some of the u.k. exposure sales. -- barratts up 1/3 of one percent. 6721. is cable 1. it is hardly had a major impact in terms of the moving in dollar-sterling. dolalr, even though business investment is declining, the ability to invest is rising. gary: at goldman sachs, volatility is 40%. 10 year notes have never traded in this narrow range in 35 years. it is get ready for a big pop or a quiet second half of the year. >> thank you. talking of central banks, let's get back to the ecb. they meet one week from today in front for. we caught up with president mario draghi's right-hand man vice president constancio. what is he saying? >> he is not dispelling the charge of action for next week. and expectations are somewhere up there. cb member that speaks adds fuel to the fire for the expectation of action. listen to what he said yesterday. a subtle clue a
May 7, 2014 3:00pm EDT
tesco you make $12 $.18. if you apply at starbucks you will make nine dollars in wages plus tips, or haps of much of $15 an hour. >> why are we seeing income inequality? >> we have a lot of companies that are reluctant. what we are advocating is the leaders are going to jump ahead. they are going to jump ahead by anticipating a movement to minimum wage above $10, and they are going to build into their cost structures activity increases that deliver the value. >> you don't buy into the theory that if you raise minimum wage it will cost jobs? >> my theory is if we can up it a little bit we will take average incomes from $15,000 a year to $18,000 a year. do that 100% of the after-tax dollars are spent. boost,are looking for a raise the minimum wage. >> raise it to what? >> i think if you get the right worker and you train them at a retail job, selling apparel, selling food service, you can actually deliver a value in excess of $12. >> there is another criticism. it's as if you raise the minimum wage to a certain level you will bottom ofurt the very the employment market because other wo
Al Jazeera America
May 30, 2014 9:00am EDT
capital. with more than a billion people, india is a massive market for companies like tesco and wal-mart. there are few supermarkets. if they can get permission to open stores, they could make huge profits. >> the consulting firm, deloitte predicts the rail sector will grow by $230,000,000,000 next year. the potential for investors is enormous. but economists insist consumers would also benefit from what's called foreign direct investment or fdi. >> problems plaguing india is high inflation, particularly in the grocery segments. it is believed that if foreign investment comes in, in this area, it should have multi-brands that are going to unleash a lot of activities which are going to be positive for inflation control. >> but before committing their capital, investors want the government to guarantee a business-friendly environment. >> mostly, i think they need to stabilize their taxation system in india which means there should be no unpredictability. similarly, there are laws about land acquisition which are really unfavorable. >> reporter: in kalava, vendors are counting on the govern
May 1, 2014 1:00am EDT
arrived at the airport in tesco. -- cuzco. mark, try to keep you away. become a nation of machu picchu and one direction you will find your resistible. x i was to get that pic idea. i will say to my cake, if they don't stop being so messy, they will have to kiss a pick. -- pig. newly appointed italian finance loquatr told france lane in an exclusive interview he would welcome depreciation of the euro. he talked about the challenges that remain. draghi has taken off the table a risk of the breakup of the eurozone rignet benefits -- that benefits members including italy. again,e growing extending recession. the task and challenge is to make that growth much more consolidated over the medium-term. that's where italian policy comes in. broad and launching a ambitious structure. including labor market reform. tax reform. as well as measures to boost the economy in the short term. so we strengthen the recovery and make it more sustainable over the medium-term. especially more job rich. >> any concerns about the italian banks? theave the results of tests. will they be credible? >> the compreh
May 27, 2014 5:00pm PDT
. after a moment of silence the names of each of the students killed read aloud. member tesco were james attended school friends soft-spoken and diligent student. apparent drop ballflowers students also say that he was one of elliott rogers victims. san jose state beckford fremont uc santa barbara one of the six killed on friday. stennis said he was leery funny guy they warmer hemolysis will make sure that happens because they plan to dedicate a garden in august and is maverick. reporting from fremont >> : here in san jose frightened always for a close call for two young women at the crossfire of a drive-by shooting carlos rodriguez /was done armand back which were caused by blood after from a passing car here on early tuesday to reassess the sugar is aiming at a man who was hiding in her driveway and set off a car alarm. she and her cousin caught up in the shooting after coming out side the investigate. neither it seriously hurt. and sampras is got those of the department of health to and are hard at this walgreen's location the entente san francisco as inspectors found of rodent carcas
May 21, 2014 4:00am EDT
sales. consumers lost confidence in target because of the credit card breach. as much as tesco struggled coming to america, target is struggling even more in canada and across rus operations. >> canada is the elephant in the room. at what point will we see a positive contribution from that market or at least a break even? >> carolyn, it's going to be years. targetly stupidly outsourced distribution of groceries to sobes. target gets shipped last. target finishes last. target should finish first in canada, the same way william pitt did when he moved the french out of north america out of the french and indian wars that ended in 1763. canada should have been target's easiest move, the same way it was when tarring eight choired gemco. instead, canada has become target's waterloo and it's going to become worse. >> it's all about online. target has outsourced that to amazon. they stopped doing that two years ago, now they have a tie-up with twitter. i'm getzing everything that comes now in rm its of the online space is too little too late. do you agree? >> completely correct. too li
May 29, 2014 5:00pm PDT
won by anything but a friend was not the have a set price and is on prime tesco has surprised them club has a set price it is a of things that become real cheap prices their daughter have stalled front their home rather than going up to costco costco or had purported findings not as far as revenue goes, people keep costco memberships even after they die company that does very well. or talk and apple and waiting for new product pretty bold statements for my tunes about coming from apple. talking rugby to acquisition and he said we have the best pipeline that is on 25 years a product which is pretty impressive considering like pad i found. mac book air organa get massive refresh of everything. but apple buy beets and wall street release sought a 04 them. the ceo as well respected doctor trade brings credibility with apple really lost as a 18 year- old and other kids. >> : coming up its back to business as usual at the street to the on ramp of the bay bridge more on the next addition of people behaving badly tonight at 8. my dad worked as a short order cook. right here. my parents wer
May 30, 2014 4:00am EDT
investment in any area going up to 49%. everybody is worried about retail. tesco is going to be the first retailer going into india. now there is hope that they may not withdraw but you can still go ahead with it. for is brilliant news anyone looking into india, wanting to invest. >> is it going to have a huge advantage? huge amount of waste in terms of food transportation in india. >> that is why you need multi brand retail coming in. not only would it be great for everyone is worried about the corner shops, that they will be displaced, i don't think so. it is too big a country for that to happen. we have six cash and carry branches in india. over here we have been doing really well. companies are still continuing to succeed. >> are you actively saying, let's look for business opportunities? where do we take over? >> where cobra is concerned, our plans for india are very positive. we always had a long-term strategy. we knew that a government like this, when you have got the 10 years agoter -- when the bjp were in power, he was a minister. i used to deal with them. he was a very cap
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14